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Seicho Jutsu News & Events 2014

GM Verkerke produced this latest video production to demonstrate
and teach Seicho Jutsu Knife defense from a sewing machine attack




International Circle of Masters seminars

Group picture with participants and officials



World Head of Family Sokeship
Grandmasters Council

Grandmasters Group photo held after seminars and annual meeting

Awardees pose for picture during award ceremony.

GM Frank Sanchez founder of WHFSC congratulating awardees

Head table showing appreciation during opening of ceremony

Awardees posing with certificates of honor.

Board of Directors during annual grandmasters meeting

Board of Directors during annual grandmasters meeting

Members annual meeting

Members annual meeting

Head table during awards ceremony and banquet.


Awardees posing


awardees and guest enjoying the presentation and meal

Standing ovation

During GM Daniel Verkerke's seminar

During GM Daniel Verkerke's seminar

During GM Daniel Verkerke's seminar

GM Daniel Verkerke





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2009 Asia Seminar 1 August 1st

2009 Asia Seminar 2 August 5th

2009 Asia Seminar 3 August 9th

2009 Asia Seminar 1 August 1st

2009 Asia Seminar 2 August 5th

2009 Asia Seminar 3 August 9th

2009 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Conference pictorial

2009 Visit with the Mahaguru

2009 Asia Seminar 4 August 12th

2009 Receiving Grandmaster Pinnacle Award in Texas

2009 Receives Diamond Life Achievement Award, Action Martial Arts Magazine

2008 Cane Hanbo Seminar

2008 Texas Awards Ceremony

2008 Texas Seminars

2008 Texas Tournament

2008 Advanced Arm Lock Seminar

2007 Asia's World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame Ceremony

2007 Seminar Symposium in Asia

2007 with Malaysia Martial Arts Grandmaster Association

2007 Seicho Jutsu Gathering of the Masters

2007 Black Belt Grading

2007 WHFSC awards symposium

2007 WHFSC Seminar

2006 WHFSC Seminar Symposium

2006 WHFSC International Martial Arts Achievement Awards

2006 Spring Millennium Invitational Ohio

2005 Law Enforcement Seminar Pittsburg PA

2005 Canadian Conduit to Asia

2005 Camp Spears Circle of Masters

2005 WHFSC Seminar and Awards Ceremony Orlando FL

2005 Sheriffs Department Seminar / Workshop

2002 International Circle of Masters Awards Ceremony Cambridge Ontario

2002 Grandmaster Dan McEaddy Seminar Cambridge Ontario

2002 GM Wasniewski Seminar Kitchener Ontario

2001  Grandmaster Seminars hosted by Seicho Jutsu Canada

2001 Grandmaster Dan McEaddy seminar Cambridge Ontario

2001 Introduction to Seicho Jutsu Kama seminar in Easton PA

2001 Listing for Orlando FL and Easton PA seminars

2001 Article and Pictorial for Easton PA Kama Seminar

2001 Kama seminar coverage for Orlando FL.

2001 Grandmaster Seminars Cambridge Ontario Canada

2000 International Martial Arts Achievement Awards Seminar Symposium

1999 Combat Arts Basic training level 1

1999 Advanced Ground Fighting Chokes and Take Downs

1999 Advanced Knife Fighting

1999 Basic training level 2

1998 International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization news letter

1997 Black Belt Self Defense Extraordinaire



Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development