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    Daniel Verkerke


    SEICHO JUTSU   Grandmaster Seminars

Saturday April 14 2001

This was Thee Martial Arts Grand event for the city of Cambridge.

In attendance were 4 Grandmaster members of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council which consist of the most elite, acknowledged and respected martial arts Grandmasters Internationally renowned.

The day began with an outstanding demonstration of the deadly Touching Arts by Dr. Dan McEaddy, Grandmaster of Angelic Ninjutsu and President of the International Circle Of Masters. With ease and grace born from decades of practice Grand Master McEaddy deftly avoided the blistering attacks by his Uke’s and took them all to the ground without breaking a sweat

event12.jpg (25422 bytes)

Grandmaster McEaddy demonstrating nerve techniques actually causing a numbing sensation throughout his Uke's body

event15.jpg (25457 bytes)

Grandmaster McEaddy delivering a shin kick while prepairing for a hand technique


The second guest instructor was Doug Devlin Grandmaster of POLDO and President of the Police Martial Arts Association. Grandmaster Devlin gave a lecture on the current sad state of Martial Arts Training in Police departments around the world. Mr. Devlin then demonstrated some POLDO controlling techniques. Soke Devlin ended by answering questions from the assembled guests and dignitaries. Many in attendance were shocked to learn that the average police officer is given less than 10 hours of physical defense training a year.

event9.jpg (24296 bytes)

Grandmaster Devlin demonstrates controlling techniques.
event7.jpg (28185 bytes)

event8.jpg (27554 bytes)



Our third guest was Rudy Timmerman Grandmaster of Kung Shin Bup and President of the National Korean Martial Arts Association. Mr. Timmerman who recently celebrated his 50th year training in the arts, gave a powerful demonstration of  Kong Shin Bup. Grand Master Timmerman inherited the system from Grand Master Pak In Shyuk. The audience was awed with some devastating joint locks and take downs performed by this seasoned Korean Martial Arts Master.

event10.jpg (27410 bytes)

Grandmaster Timmerman above (right) explains his technique pictured to the right you can see the result


event11.jpg (27213 bytes)


In Honor of the visiting Grand Masters, Daniel Verkerke, Grandmaster of Seicho Jutsu and host to this gathering had some of his advanced level black belts put on a demonstration for the audience. Shidoshi Millard swiftly defended against some incoming sword attacks by Jeremy Dancey. Shidoshi Jacques Morin and Master Fred Renkewitz demonstrated some brutal defenses against incoming punches and kicks. Black Belts Ben Jolicoeur and Tony Reardon entertained the crowd with some nice joint lock and takedown techniques.

Grandmaster Verkerke's demo team
Standing from the left: Fred Renkewetz, Jacques Morin, Ben Jolicoeur, Aubrey Millard, Dan Verkerke Jr.
kneeling in front from the left: Tony Reardon, Jeremy Dancey and Dawn Marsh.
event1.jpg (30169 bytes)

event21.jpg (26446 bytes)
Jacques Morin catches a round house kick
event20.jpg (26229 bytes)
Jacques takes his opponent down from the kick and proceeds to put him in a finishing technique
event19.jpg (31574 bytes) event18.jpg (22896 bytes)
Pictured left Ben Joliceour defends against a strike. Pictured above to the right Tony Reardon counters a straight right hand

To top off this most amazing day an award presentation and promotions followed.

Grandmaster McEaddy presented memberships to the latest Canadian members.

Receiving Grandmaster membership in the Circle of Masters were Doug Devlin and Rudy Timmerman. Receiving Master membership were Fred Renkewitz, Dawn Marsh, Steve Hankins, Jacques Morin and Aubrey Millard.

Grandmaster McEaddy’s second presentation was rank certification and promotion.

Gradings in Angelic Ninjutsu were: Tony Reardon - 1st. Degree Black Belt, Ben Jolicoeur - 1st degree Black Belt, Jacques Morin - 2nd degree Black Belt, Aubrey Millard - 2nd degree Black Belt, Dawn Marsh – 2nd degree Black Belt, Fred Renkewitz - 4th degree Black Belt, Stephen Hankins – 5th degree Black Belt and lastly Seicho Jutsu Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke who was certified 9th degree Black Belt in 1994 by Grandmaster McEaddy received his 10th degree Black Belt.

Pictured below are members of the Circle of Masters unified with the Ninjutsu Students.
event3.jpg (21175 bytes)
Standing from the left: Shihan Fred Renkewitz, Dan Verkerke Jr., Shidoshi Jacques Morin,
Shidoshi Ho Ben Joliceour, Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman, Grandmaster Doug Devlin, Mathew.
Kneeling from the left: Shidoshi Ho Tony Reardon, Jeremy Dancey, Shidoshi Dawn Marsh
Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke, Grandmaster Dan McEaddy and Aubrey Millard

Master Dawn Marsh President of the International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization then took the podium to acknowledge and present IFMAO membership. Grandmasters to receive membership were: Dr. Dan McEaddy, Rudy Timmerman and Doug Devlin. Martial Artists to receive Masters membership were: Fred Renkewitz, Steve Hankins, Jacques Morin and Aubrey Millard.

Grandmaster Verkerke who had been pre grading his Black Belt students in preparation for this big day then took the stand to proudly present his students with their certificates.

Receiving certification in Seicho Jutsu were: Tony Reardon - 1st degree (shidoshi ho), Ben Jolicoeur - 1st degree (shidoshi ho), Jacques Morin - 2nd degree (shidoshi), Aubrey Millard - 2nd degree (shidoshi), Fred Renkewitz - 4th degree (Shihan ) Master Renkowitz is only the 4th student to ever be promoted to the highest rank in Seicho Jutsu.

Following the presentation the assembled Masters and Grand Masters had the chance to talk and wander around the recently renovated Hombu Dojo. Friends new and old talked of philosophy, techniques, styles and many other topics. The feeling of fellowship permeated the room and all who attended were caught up in the moment.

The event was capped off by a dinner held at the local Kelsey’s restaurant and a meet and mingle session at Grand Master Verkerke’s home. For some this was a meeting of old friends and comrade’s for others it was a once in a lifetime experience. All who attended took with them as they left a little something special; new friendships, the continuation of old friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Grandmaster members of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council
event6.jpg (25694 bytes)

Grandmasters Rudy Timmerman, Dan McEaddy, Daniel Verkerke and Doug Devlin

Pictured below are some of the Masters displaying their certifications
event5.jpg (25355 bytes)

Standing from the left: Shihan Fred Renkewitz, Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman, Shidoshi Ho
Tony Reardon, Shidoshi Ho Ben Jolicoeur, Shidoshi Jacques Morin. Kneeling from the left:
Shidoshi Aubrey Millard, Shihan Stephen Hankins, Shidoshi Dawn Marsh and Grandmaster
Daniel Verkerke and Grandmaster Dan McEaddy

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