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Basic training level II course
Below features coverage of the basic training level II course held July 18 / 99.

Mark Evans (L) holds a target for Casey Norris.

Rob Ferguson (L) helping fine tune some controlling techniques performed by Glen Lockwood on Tony Reardon.

Rob Ferguson demonstrates a spear thrust while crossing over Tony Reardon's right arm to prevent the counter.

In the forefront, Chris Ferguson performing a hip throw on Casey Norris.

Dustin Fritz (R) performs an outside crescent kick to the face of Mark Evans.

Daniel Verkerke (R) delivers a knee to abdomine while counter crossing and controlling Mark Evans.

Tony Reardon (R) demonstrating a side kick for Neil Westlake.

Lynda Watson (R) trying to avoid the attack from Ashley Watson.

Emily Mc Hugh practicing a hip throw on Charanne Cowie.

Daniel Verkerke smiling as he demonstrates a shoulder throw with Larry Myyra.

Above (L) Ashley Watson practices an outside crescent kick.
Above (R) Lynda Watson performs a hip throw on Emily McHugh.

Above (L) Emily Mc Hugh side steps Charanne Cowie and delivers an elbow to the face.
Above (R) Glen Lockwood gives Neil Westlake a hip throw.

Larry Myyra giving advice to his group.

Larry Myyra (R) poses with Daniel Verkerke.

Daniel Verkerke pulling the arm of Glen Lockwood while applying pressure on the elbow joint.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrates another variation of a hip throw with Larry Myyra.

Casey Norris (R) and Dustin Fritz practicing their side Kicks.

Above (L) Neil Westlake throws Fred Renkewitz.
Above (R) Lynda Watson throws Larry Myyra.

Above (L) Dawn Marsh delivers an elbow under the chin of Tony Reardon.
Above (R) Rob Ferguson crosses Glen Lockwood over while delivering a hammer strike to the side of the head.

Members who attended the Combat Arts Basic Training Level II course were Larry Myyra, Fred Renkewitz, Rob Ferguson, Neil Westlake, Charanne Cowie, Dustin Fritz, Tony Reardon, Mark Evans, Casey Norris, Glen Lockwood, Lynda Watson, Emily Mc Hugh, Ashley Watson, Daniel Verkerke and Dawn Marsh, who was taking this photo.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next training course, sorry for those who were on holidays and could not make it.



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