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    Daniel Verkerke


Advanced Ground Fighting, Chokes
& Take Downs

Below features coverage of the Ground figting, Chokes & Take down course held October 24 / 99

Above photo is a group picture of members who participated. Listed in order: Rob Ferguson, Stephen Hankins, Glen Lockwood, Aubrey Millard, , Neil WestLake, Matt Falkiner,Tony Reardon, Mark Evans, Daniel Verkerke Sr., and Dawn Marsh.

Stephen Hankins demonstrates a take down with Matt Falkiner.

Above top Daniel Verkerke demonstrating a hold with Stephen Hankins.

Daniel Verkerke is now applying pressure to the hold seen above.

Rob Ferguson applying a arm bar with Mark Evans.

Tony Reardon using side control and an arm using his legs with Niel Westlake.

Rob Ferguson demonstrates a controlling technique in which he kneels on one of Matt's arms while pulling the other arm across his neck.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrates a siccor choke with Stephen Hankins.

Stephen Hankins applying a siccor choke to Glen Lockwood.

Rob Ferguson applying a dvs with Niel Westlake.

Rob Ferguson applies another variation of the dvs with Daniel Verkerke Jr.






Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development