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    Daniel Verkerke



World Head of Family Sokeship Council
Seminar Symposium 2007

Orlando Florida, USA

Group shot of Grandmasters and seminar Instructors.

Daniel Verkerke introducing his Black Belt assistant's Larry Myyra and Michael Petrella.

Demonstrating combat sense controlling

Larry Myyra teaching a finer point to participant.


Michael Petrella explaining proper technique to participant


Participants paying close attention to this blocking strike combination.


Impressed with the enthusiasm of the little ones
Daniel Verkerke gave some personal assistance
so  the children could also participate.


Larry Myyra and Michael Petrella are both teaching the finer points of an arm bar / lock during the seminar.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrating how to take the opponents center of gravity away while applying lock.

Seicho Jutsu Black Belts Kapley Judge and Larry Myyra pose for  a picture with Grandmaster Eugene Humesky

Grandmaster's Dan McEaddy, Eugene Humesky & Dan Verkerke


MA Larry Myyra, and Michael Petrella pose for a pic with
GM Dan McEaddy

MA Larry Myyra, and Michael Petrella pose for a pic with General Alexander Retuinskih after attending seminar


Kapley Judge poses with Guro Rufino Pambuan after seminar

GM Dan McEaddy teaching an impromptu seminar to Michael Petrella. Stating a seminar can take place anytime any where.


Michael Petrella, GM Eugene Humesky, Larry Myyra

 Larry Myyra poses with General Alexander Retuinskih after
 the seminar.



Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development