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    Daniel Verkerke


Below features coverage of the Advanced Knife Fighting course held Nov. 21 / 99.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrates controlling the wrist with Tony Reardon.

Steve Hankins steps to the side of the attack while gaining control of the attacking arm.

Tony Reardon (standing) enjoying himself as the table is turned.

Rob Ferguson practices disarms with Glen Lockwood.

Rob Feruson reversing the blade of Matt Falkiner.

Dawn Marsh (r) practising with Matt Falkiner.

Steve Hankins reversing and returning Neil Westlakes attack.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrates offensive use of a knife with Steve Hankins.

Daniel Verkerke steps back away from the attacking knife, while his arm goes with the movement and intercepts the attaking hand which is controlling the knife.

Tony Reardon intercepts and reverses the attacking knife of Aubrey Millard.

Daniel Verkerke demonstrates a reversal using elbow control.

Neil Westlake practices a take down with Steve Hankins.

Matt Falkiner demonstrating the end reult with Aubrey Millard.

Steve Hankins (above) after defending against Neil Westlakes attack.

Neil Westlake reversing Steve Hankins attack with a wrist torque.



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