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Detailed coverage links for both Orlando 2001 and Easton PA seminars below

We welcome all to visit coverage of our Kama Seminars. The Seicho Jutsu Kama System teaches the Combative use of the Kama. Our slogan is: If the Kama is not one of your favorite weapons, we guarantee it will be after attending one of our seminars.

If you have attended one of our seminars we would love to hear your comments. Please include a brief description of who you are and your experience in the Martial arts. We will include these letters in our site. Also if you have any pictures of yourself during the seminar we will post them. Send letters and pictures to:

To view pictures of the Orlando FL. Seminar. (Click Here)

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To view  pictures of the Easton PA Kama Seminar.  (Click Here)

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Grandmasters in attendance D. Verkerke, S. Triplett, S. Lundy, D. Mc Eaddy

If you would like to host a Seicho Jutsu Kama System Seminar or would like to attend classes or Private Instructions under Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke e-mail us at:

The World Head of Family Sokeship Council's 7TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS/ SEMINAR SYMPOSIUM hosted this Seminar September 01 2001

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Grandmaster Stan Triplett Hosted the Seicho Jutsu Kama system seminar in Easton PA. July 14th 2001. If you are in the Easton PA. area I would highly recommend training here, this is one of the finest Dojo's around. To visit click the below banner.
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Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development