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    Daniel Verkerke


    Grandmaster Dan R. Mc Eaddy Seminar

Thursday April 12 2001

This was an amazing seminar conducted by Ninjutsu Grandmaster and President of the Circle of Masters Dr. Dan McEaddy. Mr. McEaddy began his seminar with an introduction and explanation of his style of Ninjutsu followed by some extremely painful techniques covering the touching arts based from poison hand. After the physical techniques Grandmaster McEaddy began his lecture on the various levels of consciousness and the cultivation of energy utilizing breathing techniques. All who attended soaked up as much as they could from the overwhelming amount of information delivered by the Grandmaster.

Pictures taken second floor Seicho Jutsu Hombu Dojo
91 Water St. (s) Cambridge

event14.jpg (25649 bytes)

Grandmaster McEaddy sends his opponent flying

event13.jpg (31366 bytes)

Grandmaster McEaddy demonstrating a shin kick

event4.jpg (28387 bytes)
Participants at the seminar. Top row from left: Jacques Morin, Ben Jolicouer, Leo Haari, Fred
Renkewitz, Dan McEaddy, Edi Bongers, Aubrey Millard, and Jeremy Dancey. Bottom row
from the left: Tony Reardon, Daniel Verkerke, Stephen Hankins and Chris Ross


Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development