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    Improve your MMA the Seicho Jutsu way. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has grown tremendously over the past decade due to the mass media, UFC and other no holds bar events. What some may not know though, is that many martial arts have included strikes, kicks, elbows, knees, chokes, locks, throws and ground fighting all along. Mixed Martial Arts was coined because some very limited arts were missing many elements. People good on the ground lacked in strikes and kicks, while the strikers lacked in take downs and submission holds. Instead of learning arts which were more complete, they combined the limited arts and were then called MMA. People in Jui jitsu circles just looked at this as re inventing the wheel.

    It does not matter though as the sport of MMA has gained a life of it's own. The popularity of this sport has been one of the biggest promoters of martial arts since Bruce Lee, Karate Kid or the Ninja Turtles.

    If your looking to improve your MMA look no further, Seicho Jutsu has it all and allot more as well.

     Throws and throw reversals

     Advanced Arm Locks and Bars

     Ground fighting, Leg and Ankle Locks, Chokes and Submission Holds

    Devastating array of Strikes and Kicks including Knees and Elbows

    All this is not a new idea to Seicho Jutsu, this is still the basic foundation for techniques and has been taught this way since it's inception.

    If your serious about improving your MMA make sure you visit a Seicho Jutsu School.
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    "The Seicho Jutsu MMA program will teach you the most efficient and effective techniques to ensure your success in the Ring!"

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    If your serious about groundfighting and want to improve your game, this DVD will surely be your inspiration. Grandmaster Verkerke demonstrates and explains the finer points of flowing techniques into another, using the resistance and counters your opponent.

    Featuring an amazing amount of ground techniques  for submitting your opponent. Main topics featured are: Arm & Wrist Locks, Chokes, Leg & Ankle Locks for ground fighting.




     Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke reveals the secrets to throw reversals and counters. Within this DVD you will learn Reversals to Throws, "how not to get thrown." Surprise your opponent. Endless possibilities of defense, counterattacks, with combination techniques to flow with your opponents force and redirect it back on them.

     Awaken to the ever expanding knowledge you will gain and respect after learning these secret techniques..

     A must for the genuine martial artist.





    Advanced Arm Locks 1995

    Greatest collection of arm locks ever composed and presented. Learn to manipulate, master, control and dominate your opponent.

    Learning these techniques allows one to be in control of an opponent rather than fighting.

    Improve your arm locks, learn the weaknesses, strengths and counters to an assortment of the most effective techniques known.



    Demonstration of the basic techniques which includes kicking

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    meditation and spiritual development.
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