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Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke


Visiting the Studio
Daniel Verkerke


This exclusive studio is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and is only
available for Private Personal students of GM. Verkerke as well as Seicho
Jutsu Black Belts.

If you are interested in becoming a Private Personal student please call for
an interview. (519) 624-0463 or (519) 622-2748 or 
e - mail

This is a great opportunity for serious people who want to learn directly from
the Grandmaster. Topics of the students choice range from empty hands to
weapons, meditation and spiritual development.

Private classes are booked much like a Doctors appointment.

Welcome to the Personal Studio of GM. Daniel Verkerke


peck01.jpg (146501 bytes)

The Private studio is on a hill with a stone wall surrounding the property.

peck02.jpg (156858 bytes)

As you reach closer up the concrete stair way you will recognize
the Emblem statue atop of the stone entrance way.

peck03.jpg (143044 bytes)

Inside of the stone walls you will see a tranquil water falls in front
of the main door way to the studio.

02office15.jpg (55857 bytes)

In most cases GM. Verkerke will be sitting at his desk which
overlooks the entrance way to the studio.

Studio.jpg (14115 bytes)

The studio features a student lounge with a 60 inch projection screen
with surround sound for viewing videos and DVD's

studio1.jpg (13476 bytes)

The studio also features mirrored walls and heavy bags with a 10ft. ceiling.

sword3.jpg (16060 bytes)

The wall behind GM. Verkerke has a 14 ft mural of a oriental garden.


Below we present some complimentary pictures of our Founder




Hope you enjoyed your pictorial tour of GM. Verkerke's personal studio. Once again if you wish to contact GM. Verkerke about private instructions he can be contacted at:
(519) 624-0463 or (519) 622-2748 or e - mail

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Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development