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Reality of Defending a Knife attack 2014


Sword Demonstration and explanation

Just like empty hand martial arts there are many types of sword fighting, whether they are Japanese,
 Chinese, European... They could be used by Pirates, Knights, Cavalry or Samurai.. This is a
 sword fighting demonstration explaining Seicho Jutsu methods of Gatka. We hope you do
not judge based on the limited perspective of one style of sword fighting which is not relative here.





This is a lesson on fighting with 2 sticks as taught by Daniel Verkerke. After a student learns basic patterns, they begin to practice breaking up the patterns through free sparring with the sticks. It is the exploration into various counters and broken patterns which demonstrates ones creativity in being an artist.





Daniel Verkerke demonstrating the Seicho Jutsu Kama system to members and guest of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council. This is a great example of; The weapon is an extension of the arm. Here it is also an extension of the Art.


Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke once again shows his expert skill with weapons. Never before seen techniques utilizing the Kama. This is the most lethal Kama System ever taught.

Martial Arts Schools across the country are adding the Combative Kama System to their curriculum. These incredible techniques can also be used with various other weapons such as;  claw hammers, axes, garden hoes, tire irons and hatchets.

Learn through this series of tremendously effective techniques that can be used in real life situations. Highly effective and reputedly the most comprehensive techniques available today! This is the Grandmaster's weapon of choice. You wont be disappointed!

Master the Nunchaku

 Master the Nunchaku, double and single Chaku. Never before seen techniques will amaze you!

No nonsense action and exciting step by step instruction on Mastering the Nunchaku. During this instructional video you will learn Nunchaku patterns, strikes, bounces, catches/grabs, blocks, chokes, controlling techniques as well as double and blind folded demonstrations.


Double Sticks 1993

When these sticks are flying they are like fan blades!

 Most Rattan stick fighting have been inspired by Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian Arts. 

 This DVD demonstrates defensive, offensive techniques against an opponent armed with one stick, two sticks as well as unarmed. Included in this Double Sticks is a variety of patterns that are important to Mastering the Double Sticks. 

 The use of the stick long or short as a weapon of survival is demonstrated.

Hanbo / Cane, Basic - Advanced 1993

This is one of the most practical weapons to Master!

Grandmaster Verkerke has been teaching these Cane / Hanbo techniques since the 1980's, long before the muti-marketing Masters commercialized this into an art. Here you will get a fist hand view at the real art.

 Defensive and Offensive techniques demonstrating advanced blocking, striking, choking and controlling with the use of the Cane / Hanbo. Empty hand verses Cane / Hanbo, Hanbo / Cane verses Hanbo / Cane. Ultimately one of the most informative DVD's of it's time! 

Knife Fighting 1993

The knife is one of the deadliest weapons.

This superior system of knife fighting shows the greatest assortment of Knife techniques available from Offensive to Defensive.

This DVD is essential for those who wish to Master the Knife.
Techniques demonstrated include Empty Hand verses Knife, Knife verses Knife, Knife verses Double Knife and Double Knife verses Double Knife.  Also included are an abundance of Knife patterns and techniques.


   An expert in many weapons, this excellent video of Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke carefully teaches you the techniques, patterns and use of various swords.

 Each step by step instruction is adequately and easily understood along with attacks, defense and counters. These new "Revolutionary Sword Techniques" are not your average traditional style.

 Unanimously this infinite DVD is an absolute must for the sword enthusiast.

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