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       Seicho Jutsu  Sweeping the Nation

There is no wonder why this dynamic and unique art is flourishing around the world.

Its founder Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke has been teaching internationally in Asia, Europe and North America for three decades.

Seicho Jutsu literally translated means "The Art of Growing". Referring to the growth and development of oneself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. In studying Seicho Jutsu there are no limitations, because growing is a continual process for the evolution of oneself and this art.

The foundation for this incredible art is called the "Emblem Theory", which is one of the most democratic foundations in existence, and can be applied from any practitioner regardless of martial form, art, or style being studied. It also can be practiced with or without a training partner. Practicing the emblem theory teaches the principals of correctly moving ones body in such a manner as to be able to successfully avoid or redirect the force of an attack or confrontation, while simultaneously launching a counter.

This understanding of body movement is applied with kicks, strikes, grappling, throws, locks, chokes and even all forms of weapons. The "Emblem Theory" is not limited to only teaching physical techniques, it is also integral in teaching the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Seicho Jutsu.

Seicho Jutsu can be used defensively or offensively. The Defensive aspects are completely Non Violent and are instrumental for Law Enforcement, Hospital Staff, Private Security, Correctional Officers and Public Education. The defensive side to Seicho Jutsu is used in "N.V.S." the Non Violent System which is now being used by the Sheriffs Department in PA. under the direction of Deputy Sheriff and State Representative Edward Rose.

The Offensive side to Seicho Jutsu reflects a very aggressive no nonsense control and conquer reaction, best suited for real combat in a theater of war. It is important for the practitioner to be aware of their environment, because there is a big difference between reacting in a state of war, as compared to communities in our public society.

Seicho Jutsu's International growth is also attributed by the amazing video library with over 20 DVD's featuring Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke. These DVD's cover everything from Basic's to advanced, including weapons training. This allows the students no matter where they are in the world to see the art first hand undiluted.

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was also one of the Pioneers of Freestyle Martial Arts.

In the early 1980's he founded the Canadian, American, and National Freestyle Martial Arts Organizations and published the "Freestyle Book of Philosophy". The Freestyle concepts to studying martial arts spread quickly and eventually became what is now known as Mixed Martial arts.

In the 1990's Mr. Verkerke became the International Vice President for the Circle of Masters based in NJ. He later accepted a position as the Canadian Ambassador and International Communications Manager for the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, known as the first and foremost Grandmasters Council in America.

Seicho Jutsu was introduced to Asia in the early 2000's. This was a great way of giving back to the culture that provided so much influence and inspiration for all martial arts across the world. Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke was honored by the enthusiastic reception and acceptance for the "Art of Growing" known as Canada's Martial Art.

On his seminar tour in 2003 Mr. Verkerke introduced Seicho Jutsu to the Nanyang Wushu Federation in Malaysia through a series of seminars. This sparked much attention which led to Mr. Verkerke receiving the "Grandmaster of the Year Award" at the 1st Black Belt Hall of Fame held in Malaysia. The officials were so impressed with Grandmaster Verkerke's demonstration they later honored him with the appointment of Canadian Ambassador for the International Martial Arts Research Institute. As the Canadian Ambassador, Mr. Verkerke continues to travel to Malaysia and enjoys sharing his art by incorporating techniques within the Wushu forms.

For those interested in learning an art which has no limitations and covers all aspect of personal awareness including philosophy and spiritual development, Seicho Jutsu is the art for you.

 After reviewing the wealth of information this website offers  it will become obvious to why Seicho Jutsu is sweeping the Nation.


Seicho Jutsu is the "Art of Growing"
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development