Asia Pictorial 2003


This Pictorial covers GM. Verkerke's visit to Asia with a brief description for each photo.

It was another one of those once in a life time experiences for Professor Daniel Verkerke of Cambridge. Mr. Verkerke an Internationally renowned Martial Arts Master, Lecturer and Philosopher was invited to teach Canada’s Martial Art at an International Martial Arts Symposium in Malaysia. To be among the top Masters in Asia was an honor he could not resist.

Mr. Verkerke departed Toronto Pearson International Airport July 30th . He spent August 1st relaxing and meditating in view of the Mountains in Hong Kong, mentally preparing for the seminar he would be teaching while in Kuching Malaysia. In the evening he was on another plane heading to Kuching. Arriving at night there was little time for anything else but sleep before the big day August 2nd.

The opening ceremony began at 10:00am. with speeches from Government officials commending the organization for their work in promoting the arts. There was a proclamation by the Mayor, then the Minister of Tourism cut the ribbon. Daniel Verkerke was then appointed as the Canadian Ambassador for the International Martial Arts Research Institute based in Malaysia. Then the lion dancers began, followed by the Nanyang drummers, and an amazing Wushu demonstration.  At 12:30 the guests of honor had a special Malaysian Luncheon before the reporters arrived for Interviews. At 2:00pm. the seminars began with Malaysian Dr. Song Swee Hee who is the President of the Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarwak who presented the art of Wushu. The second to perform was Professor Daniel Verkerke of Canada who presented his seminar on redirection of energy as well as an introduction to the Emblem Theory, which is the foundation to Canada’s art. The third to perform was Master Tan Soe Theng of the Singapore Tiong Hua Pugilistic & Lion Dance Association who demonstrated Qigung. The fourth honored presenter was Grandmaster Shi De Qian of China who is President of the International Shaolin Wushu Academy and 31st generation heir of former Abbot Su Xi who taught traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. The last honored guest and Instructor was Ukraine General Anatoliy Popovych head of all Ukrainian Federation of Cossack Fighters.

The seminars ended at 5:30pm. allowing a little break before the beginning of the 1st World Martial arts Black Belt Hall of Fame which was to start at 7:00pm.

The Hall was completely filled during the awards banquet. The evening began with a formal introduction of the honored guests who sat at the head table. This was followed by a special Green Lion dance which demonstrated a story of a fight between the Masters and the Lion. Miss Judy Song Yueh Ling performed solo, encircled by four drums much to the delight of the crowd, followed by a spectacular performance of the Nanyang Wushu Federation.

 The awards presentation proceeded with speeches from various dignitaries. Professor Verkerke received “Grandmaster of the Year” for his work in teaching the Martial Art of Canada in Europe, USA, and Asia in 2003. After the presentations, International Grandmasters in attendance conducted demonstrations for the crowds. Grandmaster Verkerke demonstrated both re-direction of energy as well as total resistance. Mr. Verkerke’s demo was well received as many of the Masters and spectators gathered around to have their pictures taken with him.

After the demonstrations Ukrainian General Anatoliy Popovych presented Professor Verkerke with a certificate recognizing him as an Honorable Cossack with the All-Ukrainian Federation of Cossack Fighters “Cossatstvo Ukraine”.

The following day the honored guests where taken on a full tour of Kuching which included stops at the Museums as well as the largest Chinese temple on the Mountain.

On August 4th Grandmaster Verkerke was flown to Kuala Lumpur with Dr. Song Swee Hee and his wife for a tour of the Capital City of Malaysia. While in KL they visited the famous Batu Caves Temple in Selangor. These Mountain top caves were amazing; the ceiling must have been 100ft. high. After going through a couple sections the cave opens to a temple where people are blessed. It was then off to the King of Malaysia’s palace where Mr. Verkerke witnessed the changing of the guard. The last stop of the day was the Thean Hou Chinese temple. Thean Hou Temple is a building which has the richest features of Chinese Architectural beauty in Malaysia. These sights are just spectacular and pictures do not do them justice. This was truly one of those once in a life time experiences for Professor Verkerke to reminisce upon. 


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Seminar Coverage

Dr. Song at Podium, GM. Shi De Qian and GM. Verkerke

GM. Verkerke addressing seminar participants.

GM. Verkerke teaching Canada's Martial Art.

Group photo of seminar Instructors and participants.

Semiar Instructors: Dr. Song, GM. Shi De Qian, Master Tan, GM. Verkerke Instructors with other officials.

Awards Banquet & Demonstration

In the beginning of the ceremony GM. Verkerke was presented with a personally monographed hard cover book which he was feature in titled "Martial Arts Personalities of the World" GM. Verkerke was featured on the big screen during his introduction during the ceremony GM. Verkerke is seen here receiving the Grandmaster of the Year Award.

The below photos were taken while GM. Verkerke was demonstrating re-direction of energy for the packed filled Hall during the awards banquet. The crowds arose out of their seats in hopes not to miss anything.


GM. Verkerke asked for the strongest student to run and kick him as hard as they could in the abdomen. This was to demonstrate his energy of earth. GM. Verkerke was not moved. After many attempts at moving GM. Verkerke there were even some lower kicks that did not faze him. Finally GM. Verkerke demonstrated what would happen to someone who got close enough to kick him.

GM. Verkerke is seen above receiving the title of " Honorable Cossack" from General Anatoliy Popovych
who is the Head of the International Organization of Cossack Fight in the Ukraine after his demonstration.

Asian Tour

Picture of the Mountains in Hong Kong.

GM. Verkerke outside the Chinese Mountain Temple. GM. Verkerke through the first set of stairs up the Mountain temple. GM. Verkerke, Dr. Song and GM. Popovych on the first tier up.


GM. Verkerke on top of the Mountain Temple. GM. Verkerke inside the Temple Masters Tan, Verkerke and Shi De Qian on top of the Mountain.

This Dragon is seen 3/4 of the way up to see the Temple.

GM. Verkerke and Dr. Song in front of the entrance to the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. GM. Verkerke and Miss Song part way up the stair case to the Batu Caves.


GM. Verkerke in front of the Palace guards. King of Malaysia. In front of the Entrance to the Kings Palace. You can see the Palace behind GM. Verkerke.

GM. Verkerke watched the changing of the Guard at the Palace entrance way.

GM. Verkerke with Dr. Song at the Thean Hou Temple in KL GM. Verkerke on his way to the top tier of the temple. This is the top tier of the Thean Hou Temple.

Hope you enjoyed our pictorial.