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June 19th. 2002 Seminar

Grandmaster Dr. Dan R. Mc Eaddy
Founder Angelic Ninjutsu


Seicho Jutsu Black Belts were treated to an excellent nights training under Grandmaster Dan  R. Mc Eaddy. After the class ended the Black Belt students remained for an evening of discussions on various topics concerning training in the Angelic system.

It is usually only once or twice a year that the Canadian Black Belts have a chance to train with GM. Mc Eaddy. Needles to say, they all take full advantage whenever the Grandmaster visits Canada.

All the students in attendance are personal students of GM. Daniel Verkerke


Enjoy photos of the training

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Reflection from the mirror

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All the Black Belts in attendance are looking forward to GM. Dan Mc Eaddy's next visit.





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