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We welcome all to visit coverage of our events. This is more of our photo gallery with explanations.


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Conducted by Daniel Verkerke

The Following pictures were taken by Prof. Eddie Rose during the September 01/ 01 seminar held in Orlando FL.

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Come on, I won't hurt you.

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Is that a smile I see?

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We must always try to gain control of our opponents center of gravity.

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Controlling the arm while stepping around and striking the neck.

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Controlling the arm and neck.

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A scissor technique. You don't need that neck do you?

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How long should I hold him in this position?

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A scissor technique on the wrist.

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If he tries to elbow me with his right elbow, I will pull his left elbow towards his right.

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Your face looks like it's turning red, Not uncomfortable are you?

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An inside outside technique.

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Parrying the striking hand while striking and moving to the outside while controlling the arm.

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