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- by Lanore Woodruff

On July 14th, Grand Master Daniel Verkerke from Ontario, Canada visited the academy and offered us a Seicho Jutsu Kama Seminar introducing us to basic concepts with the Kamas. The kamas are weapons that we don't utilize in our system currently, so it was very interesting to have a chance to learn some movements and techniques with them. During this gathering, I realized how an individual could devote oneself to mastering one tiny piece of Martial Arts, such as one weapon alone. Grand Master Verkerke has an entire system dedicated to the Kamas. This thought was very inspiring to me, knowing how far you can go within the arts, and how many different directions there are to explore and choose from. The world of Martial Arts is extremely diverse.

Attending this seminar were a variety of students from our own school, as well as students of Grand Master Verkerke's and other Grand Masters, including Grand Master Dan McEaddy. It was a very varied group with all different skill levels, but the instruction was given in a way where everyone seemed interested and comfortable. I'm very pleased that I had the opportunity to try out something so different from what we do in our curriculum, but which was also very much an art form. Thanks go out to Mr. Verkerke for spending time with us, it was a great experience!

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