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Canadian edition

The International Circle of Masters which is based in NJ. USA holds various awards ceremonies throughout the world. As travelling   became quite difficult for individuals from other Countries, the C.O.M. felt it more beneficial for members in various Countries to hold separate ceremonies.

For Canada this was held at the Personal Studio of Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke in Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

NOTE: There is only one person to receive an honor award for each category. The C.O.M. registers each award for the year.

We have provided a pictorial coverage below.

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Above (left) GM. Verkerke presents GM. Mc Eaddy with a Seicho Jutsu Plaque
This was conducted previously to the award ceremony.

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Grandmaster Dan R. Mc Eaddy International President for the Circle of Masters
presented the awards in person.

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Shihan Fred Renkowitz received the most Dedicated practitioner of the Year.

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Grandmaster Luis Davila received the Swordsman of the Year Award.

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Shihan Aubrey Millard received Master Instructor of the Year Award.

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Grandmaster Ron Balas received Educator of the Year Award.

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Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski received Sportsman of the Year Award.

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Shihan Dawn Marsh received Woman of the Year Award.

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Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke received Soke of the Year Award.

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Shihan Jacques Morin received the Perseverance of the Year Award.

Others who received awards in Canada were Grandmaster Rudy
Timmerman who received the Martial Arts Medallion of Honor
and Grandmaster Doug Devlin who received Law Enforcement
Instructor of the Year Award.



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