The Combat Sense Revolution is the re-introduction of common sense to self defense instruction.     This is done by making Combat Sense students fully aware of the science of human actions and reactions, evaluating the consequences of those actions and reactions while applying this awareness to combat situations.     These lessons are intended to broaden the understanding of self-defense for everyone from the seasoned martial artist to the beginning student. Ultimately ensuring victory in both physical and mental confrontations.

It may appear at your first glance through this series, that Combat Sense is attempting to discredit various martial arts, but this is not the case.     We merely wish to illustrate that fighting an insane lunatic with the intentions of beating you to a pulp, is extremely different from training in the Dojo with a level headed training partner.   The most important thing you should learn and take with you when you learn Combat Sense, is an understanding of your attackers state-of mind when you are faced with a real life combat situation.     This will help you appreciate how quickly and unrelenting an assault can be. Also you will begin to realize how little time you have to set-up and perform a technique you learned in the Dojo on an opponent who truly wants to destroy you.

In no way does Combat Sense intend to begrudge or belittle any martial art or martial artist. Any one who is practicing a respectable martial art is developing themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally.     All martial arts develop strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, and timing to name just a few of their benefits.     Others offer meditation and philosophy lessons to enhance the practitioners awareness of themselves and the world around them.     Every one of these mentioned benefits would surely aid the daily activities of anyone, including instances of combat and self-defense. Children learn self confidence and focus; adults learn this and further gain the satisfaction that comes with challenging oneself on various levels. Martial arts have also been shown to greatly enhance the quality of life for the elderly. So it is easy to see that a life with martial arts is richer than a life without them, and the people behind Combat Sense have been practicing them nearly their entire lives.     Through their practice they have become well aware of all of the benefits of martial arts, but have become equally aware that many lessons taught in dojos have very little, if not nothing to do with Combat Sense.

Practicing a martial art will always benefit a martial artist in combat, however many common techniques and principles taught in dojos worldwide (in numerous systems) will hinder your self-defense efforts, and possibly get you hurt. When learning new techniques, you have to keep in mind; many techniques practiced in dojos are performed on partners who are much more compliant and well-intended than an attacker on the street (who wishes to beat you into a bloody pulp).     Many of the techniques martial artists learn in class are either too slow, too fancy, or require far too much skill and sensitivity for your opponents energy for anyone but a master level student to pull off. Through this series of lessons, Combat Sense will objectively look at a variety of techniques commonly taught in many martial arts schools. We will then examine why they can and often will fail on the street, while offering sage advice using Combat Sense approved alternatives to these techniques.

While learning Combat Sense you may come across a technique that you have learned yourself and held onto the belief that it is effective and that you can apply it to anyone anytime.     It is good that you have learned this technique and have this belief, for it has enhanced your understanding of body mechanics, and how to manipulate an opponent’s body in a manner that is beneficial to you. Combat Sense recognizes that every technique can work, if it is timed and applied properly.     Combat Sense will also show you when and why these techniques can work against you. Knowing this, while carefully examining the cause-and-effect relationship between all techniques learned in the dojo and their relationship with an opponent who wants to kill you, enlightens you to their potential effectiveness; and this is Combat Sense.

Combat Sense instructions will enhance your awareness of possible attacks, counter-attacks, as well as responses to those counter attacks.     All of this is taught while never losing sight of the dramatic differences between training in the dojo and fighting in real life. Much of what Combat Sense is teaching will challenge you on a variety of levels.     For a beginner, the challenge will be learning simple techniques and making them an automatic response to an attack.     For the experienced student, it will be the simplistic nature of these techniques and letting go of all the fancy ones they have learned, while still being able to apply those fancy ones only when they present themselves. Both beginner and expert will be challenged to learn to deal with a violent attack in calm, logical, and yet still primal manner.     So please, open your mind, allow us to challenge you, and ultimately let Combat Sense to be with you.