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 The home page player allows you to scroll through all 6 episodes and view in a larger screen. There is a toggle switch to click on either side of the player. Each episode can also be seen below with a text description. You may also click the title text to open an independent page for viewing or sharing with you friends.

Combat Sense is a series which demonstrates and explains the most effective actions and reactions to deal with various self defense encounters. This format allows people to have direct knowledge which will inform and educate them on many of the mistakes people make while attempting to defend themselves. Unfortunately many martial arts are teaching reactions and counters that will most likely get the average person seriously injured or even worse. Some may view this as “Myth Busters” for Martial Arts, because the demonstration will show you what will happen if you try some of these compromising self defense techniques. As stated earlier there is a difference between Sport and Traditional forms of martial arts. They all can provide physical exercise and teach self discipline, respect, balance, honour and other great traits. Here we are mainly concerned with Reality street Defense. 

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