Episode 6 ” Defending against a Knife”

The Knife is one of the deadliest weapons out there and unfortunately far to many people are not giving the blade it’s due respect. In this episode we demonstrate how most of the self defense techniques being taught today will get the practitioner killed or seriously injured. We will demonstrate and explain the most practical […]

Episode 5 “Defending from a seated position”

 Episode 5 demonstrates some of the most effective ways to defend yourself from a seated position, either at a bar or table . Defending while seated in a car is also included in this episode.

Episode 4 ” Defending against Kickers”

In episode 4 you will be taught the pros and cons of kicking. We demonstrate and explain the reasons why people kick. It is all about learning the positives and negatives to everything. People kicking have great vulnerabilities, and this is demonstrated with a various amount of kicks including spinning kicks. Once you learn the advantages […]

Episode 3 “Defending attacks from behind”

During episode 3 you will learn not only the most efficient and effective actions and reactions in dealing with attacks from behind, but you will also learn the mistakes people make in various other self defense systems. Combat Sense is the most realistic approach to Self Defense, and should be practiced by everyone interested in […]

Episode 2 “Defending against control grabs”

The most effective Reality base Martial Arts in existence. Combat Sense solutions will be presented for situations where your attacker grabs you by one or both wrists in an effort to control you. As usual Combat Sense will debunk any notions that fancy techniques and counters that work in the dojo, will work on someone […]

Welcome to Combat Sense

 The home page player allows you to scroll through all 6 episodes and view in a larger screen. There is a toggle switch to click on either side of the player. Each episode can also be seen below with a text description. You may also click the title text to open an independent page for […]