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GM. Daniel Verkerke

Seicho Jutsu Masters, Black Belts and guests from Canada and the United States gathered to commemorate 25 years of Seicho Jutsu in Cambridge Ontario Canada.

Other dignitaries present for this momentous event were retired World Heavyweight wrestling champion Waldo Von Erich, Grandmaster Ron Balas and representatives from the City of Cambridge as well as the Federal and Provincial members of Parliament. Many of the senior Seicho Jutsu Black Belts performed demonstrations during this event in honor of Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke's continued dedication and commitment in teaching  here 25 years.

We would like to thank the above Seicho Jutsu Masters, Black Belts and students who
contributed to the success of this historical occasion.

Your time dedication and commitment towards teaching and propagating the art of Seicho Jutsu is greatly appreciated.

In attendance were:  Masters Mark Van Dyke, Larry Myyra, Fred Renkowitz, Rob Ferguson, Jake Westlake, Dawn Verkerke and Edward Rose, Black Belts, Mike Spicer, Kapley Judge, Alan Goodley, Todd Abernathey, Subeer Bhandari, Ken Scott, Michael Petrella, Jeremy Dancey, Mike Woldek, Students Shayne Reardon, Chris Ferguson, Chris Conn, Bob Warner, Denver France, Andrew Menezes, Eric......


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Today there are people training in Seicho Jutsu all over the world, and the one thing they have in common is the lineage to Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke of Cambridge Ontario Canada.

 We are one big family of individuals who are on a quest to grow, understand and develop a greater awareness of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Classes are conducted in a family environment and once you become a part of the family your always welcome.

As a fourth level Master Daniel Verkerke began teaching Seicho Jutsu in 1983 after his release from the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1984 he opened the main Seicho Jutsu Headquarters on 91 Water Street south, where he ran the schools on 65 Main Street and 904 Main Street Cambridge Ontario. During this time he continued to provide Black Belt instructors from his own schools to teach children's self defense for the public schools and cities community services as well as traveling to other schools demonstrating his art. The International Headquarters is still located at 91 Water Street south and is used to host International students.

It is quite the endeavor to teach for 25 years, but Daniel Verkerke has always continued in his own quest for growth and development. He leads by example and we would like to share some of his Achievements as a testament.


The above link provides brief coverage for some of the highlights and
achievements for Daniel Verkerke and includes pictures and videos.


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